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Outgoing Transfer

Using the instructions below, you can initiate an outgoing transfer request by yourself so that the portfolio held through LYNX is transferred to another financial institution. In this way, your request will go directly to Interactive Brokers, after which that party will handle the process.

Please go to the website, click on the “Log in” button in the top right-hand corner, and select “Open Client Portal”. On the newly opened page, enter your credentials.

Then click on the Transfer & Pay tab and select Transfer Positions.

In the next step, select the Outgoing transfer.

Select the location where your broker is located. If it is from the USA or Canada, select United States or Canada, otherwise select All Other Regions. Choose the transfer method and press the Select button.

On the next page, you will be asked to complete information regarding the financial institution and the positions you wish to transfer.

Broker – select the broker you are making the transfer from.

Account Number at Broker – enter your account number at the financial institution from which you wish to transfer positions.

Name of Account Holder at Financial Institution – your name must appear here.

Account Type – select the type of account you have at a given financial institution.

Country of Financial Institution – choose the country of your financial institution.

Contact email of your Financial Institution – the contact email used by the other broker for the transfer cases.

Save Broker Information – If you would like to make other incoming transfers from that financial institution in the future, you can save that financial institution’s information so you don’t have to fill it out again next time.

Assets (Transfer all assets?) – If you select No, you then need to select which financial instruments you want to transfer and in what amount.

If you want to transfer the entire portfolio, keep YES and confirm by pressing the Contiune button at the bottom right corner. If you wish to transfer part of your portfolio, then you need to click on the No button.

Then choose which financial instruments you want to transfer and their quantity.

In the next step you will be asked for verification. Type your first and last name in the empty field and confirm by pressing the Continue button.

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