Rakesh Shah discusses one of his core trading strategies. The ‘Ten Point Crocodile Snap’. He shows how he uses a set of guiding principles, to set up higher probability trading set ups, by taking advantage of higher liquidity points that naturally occur every day in futures markets (for example when institutions enter or exit larger positions in the market relative to specific price points). He will discuss the philosophy of the strategy, the reason why these time zones offer good opportunities to find the entry and exit points and how to manage the risk when entering. This style of trading is very unique to intraday (mostly private) day traders, because the gaps often occur ‘in between’ larger institutional orders and market flow, where a private or small lot trader (trading a few lots) can take advantage, but a larger Institutional (such as a fund/bank/broker) trading a few hundred lots, would find it impossible.

Rakesh Shah is an expert trader. After experiencing both Institutional (London/Wall St) and private trading for over 30 years, he now trains traders. He founded ‘TenPointTrading.com’ to speak internationally on his high probability trading

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Rakesh Shah

Rakesh Shah

Expert trader
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23 juni